Gratitude Sales Dec 1-15 th ONE YEAR UNLIMITED : $599 YOGA/BARRE ; $799 PLUS

Activation Date: on the date of the first visit after purchase.

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Assisting Program Dec 3rd 10am -6pm Kensington Studio

$199 per person

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Barre Teacher Training With Kyra Page

Jan 21-22nd 12:30-4:30pm

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Why Yoga and Beyond? Why Forrest Yoga? Why we love our community?

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200,1414 kensington road N.W 200, 1609 Centre St N.W Office (anytime) 403.827.1777 You can also use this form to contact us at Yoga and Beyond. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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Our Story

HOW Y&B CAME TO BE, THE YOGA AND BEYOND STORY – NING GAO I grew up in Harbin, a small city in far north eastern corner of mainland China. My childhood was beyond what most in western culture could imagine. My

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Welcome to YOGA and BEYOND!

Welcome Home. Come join us for Hot Yoga, Forrest Inspired Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga , Aerial Yoga, Barre, and Spin. Come experience our two new YOGA and BEYOND fully equipped state of the art studios. The business mission at YOGA and BEYOND is making all of Yoga/Spin/Barre affordable and accessible, and part of daily life for all ages and all lifestyles. But our overriding philosophy is to make everyone feel at home, peaceful, and welcomed when they walk through our doors. The often mentioned comfort and feeling of 'home', with 'encouragement and growth' are common sentiments we take pride in. All can feel safe and comfortable. Come, participate in our community. We will be honoured to be the vessel of change and your place of comfort as we all, together, navigate the journey of life.

Core Values

Empower. Inspire. Community.


Honour and Empower your journey and well-being.