During this lifetime on earth, I commit to holding a healing space for individuals to flourish into their connection to self, and the healing powers that we all posses. We can heal our physical injuries, find contentment in emotional trauma, cultivate mental clarity, and delve into spiritual realms. Thus finding ease in meditation/pranayama/asana work that enhances our daily state of being. While yoga is a life path that one can pursue, our true connection, peacefulness, and surrender to “just be,” comes from within ourselves.

Yoga was introduced to me at a time in my life when I was uncertain on how to move forward with a compassionate heart. Yet, I soon discovered the limitless potential of my worth. My intention to begin teaching came from the restoration and the exponential personal growth that occurred within my own practice; I want to share this magic with others.

While our minds are continuously busy and drawn to instant gratification, I’m intrigued by the possibilities that rest within uncovering the layers of my sub-conscious mind, and connecting to my inner voice. While I had tried several types of therapeutic practices, yoga has become a sacred gem to my every day living. My physical injury began to heal; I found acceptance and contentment for the emotional traumas that I had lived. Consequently, I connected to my body in ways that I never knew existed.  Although at first I didn’t understand the subtle changes that were happening, I knew that yoga was the missing piece that I had yearned for.

My journey with yoga hasn’t and will never end, for I’m dedicated to continuously immersing myself deeper into the history, philosophy and anatomy. I love passionately writing meditations to sink our practice into a meditative state before asana. In addition, I design themes to enrich your personal yoga journey. My vision at Yoga and Beyond is to go beyond yoga, which encompasses community building inside and outside class time. I believe that yoga is not just a practice, but it’s a way of life. As we connect to our breath, we can learn how to heal ourselves while we listen to our body speak, as yoga is the foundation for non-violence, contentment, peace, and acceptance. 

I love writing, hiking, exploring and traveling. All of these passions are beautifully connected to yoga, and I’m enthusiastic in connecting these elements throughout my lifetime as a teacher.   

I highly recommend my class to anyone who is interested in going beyond yoga by finding purpose through asana, building community, and indulging in themes related to the Yamas and Niyamas. As well as those who like to laugh, smile and find playfulness in their practice. 

I studied a 200hr teacher-training program in Calgary, 100hr meditation/pranayama training in Ibiza, Spain, and 30hr yin training.

Through yoga I explore the true essence of my being, and I find a heartfelt sense of worth and purpose. I’m honoured to share my passionate purpose of healing and guiding you through a safe practice for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. While exploring your personal practice, you will find that you discover new pieces of yourself every time.

*Yoga is different for everyone – come explore with me*



Amanda combines 17 years of formal dance training in ballet, jazz, tap and musical theatre with her passion for fitness, to deliver high energy classes suitable for all fitness levels.

Amanda took her Zumba Instructor certification in 2009, fell in love with the music and the rhythms and has been sharing her passion ever since. She is a certified AFLCA group fitness instructor, cycle instructor, barre instructor, Zumba Toning and Zumba kids instructor and enjoys teaching students from ages 4 -76.

She has dedicated her career to helping people live happier and healthier lives and tells her students “if you’re moving and laughing you’re doing it right!”.



Yoga, for me, is all about having fun and focusing on self. I first started a dedicated yoga practice in 2012 when I needed a change from the weight room. Years of lifting weights and lengthy cardio session had my body seeking a different type of workout. I loved the athleticism and playfulness of yoga and once I added in the element of heat, I was hooked! It didn’t take long after starting a more dedicated practice to notice the change in my body and in my mind. I started to release stress, tension, and feel invigorated. Early in 2014, I took my 200 hour RYT and am constantly building on my knowledge base, receiving my level 1 BUTI certification as well. Aside from the yoga, I have a degree in Kinesiology and played collegiate golf which has instilled in me a strong understanding of human body mechanics and appreciation for the importance of mental focus.


Certified by the Provincial Fitness Unit through the AFLCA & the Keiser Corporation for Indoor Cycling and Group X Classes.

I’ve been doing indoor cycling for over 15 years and leading classes for 3. I have a strong background in boxing & martial arts and an avid mountain trail hiker, skier and absolutely love a good rollerblade skate. 

As an instructor for any class format I feel my job is 3 fold: offer a class that is safe, fun and challenging. In that order. I want us to be doing these classes for a very long time and for that we need to ensure we don’t overreach and always keep form & proper breathing techniques up front.

One of my favourite things is to see someone safely reach their goals and discover abilities they may not have believed they had, and then immediately set new ones. 

Other workout formats I’ve led include a Cross-Training class incorporating a boxers routine. This included heavy bag work, floor exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, burpees (oh yes, there was burpees ), skipping, guided resistance drills, isometric & plyometric drills and lots more. 

I’m not the kind of person who instructs a class by standing to the side & barking out drills, that’s not me. I need to be in the trenches right beside you, feeling the efforts and benefits of the class. Come join me for a ride.