Kim Ilott

Kim Ilott

Kim has been immersed in the study of movement since 1998. Her first exposure to yoga was through dance training as a pre-teen, and she immediately connected with this meditative physical practice. She continued to dive deeper into the mental and energetic aspects of the practice, and eventually her spiritual priorities led her through multiple yoga teacher trainings: 200 Sattva YTT, 100+ hour Adjuster’s Training at Bodhi Tree Yoga, and 60 hour Air Yogalates aerial YTT. She most recently is beginning her journey as a healer, by working through a 200 hour certificate in Thai Yoga Therapy, combining Thai massage, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and marma therapy to work with imbalances in all levels of the practitioner. She also holds a BA in Dance, is a freelance performer, and has trained as a dancer and aerialist in Australia, Montreal, and San Francisco. Her choreographic, performance, and yoga practice is dubbed Soul Satisfaction, because it seeks deep and genuine fulfillment and connection above all else.


I grew up as a competitive Irish dancer from the age of 5. Spin classes changed my life as it complimented my dance fitness as well as energizing my body. I love that spin is working hard and having fun at the same time. I have been on the bike for over 10 years and have always been passionate about the uplifting energy flow through the room when in a class. Spin has help me achieve my goals in life and fitness. The sweat, speed, pumping music, and killer results physically and mentally, are what I love most. As a mom of two girls and a busy boy, it is a priority for me to maintain a healthy and positive life style. Spin contributes to this. I’m honoured to motivate others to push past their limits as we grow together in the class.


With passion for a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their goals, 10 years worth of fitness knowledge,  3 years worth of spinning experience, certified by the AFLCA to teach, a background in radio and television work, she knows her way around the mic and around her music. Nancy knows her stuff to ensure you get a safe, effective and fun ride.
You’ll catch her laughing at her own jokes and bopping along to her handpicked songs with music videos for a killer ride!
Find her at Yoga and Beyond for her spin classes or catch her taking too many photos of her cat!