Daniel Larsen is an insurance and injury lawyer/Harvard trained mediator and keeps in touch with other EW Lawyers. He has kept his soul invigorated over the past 30 years through downhill/cross country mountain biking and mountaineering endeavours. He had a passion and a vision for creation of this Spin Studio which led him to design and build it in October 2014. He has completed a AFLCA Alberta Spin Training Course and is in in the process of acquiring the Official Spinning Facility Trainer designation by the manufacturer of our bicycles, Star Trac Corporation and Mad Dogg Athletics Inc of Venice California. He brings a gentler approach to Spin. But do NOT let the absence of disco balls and club music deceive you. You won’t leave his class dryer. However he WILL take you on a journey of the mind by inviting music and visualization to invoke obedience of muscle and coordination. He will gently persuade you to “commit, own, and complete” YOUR workout, not his. His visualization and staged progressive active recovery technique will elevate you to a surprising workout level, and leave you glowing with an endorphin high, and send you on your way to your next yoga class, work, or leisure activity mentally and physically invigorated. (If you have any questions  at all he welcomes your queries at larsenlaw@shaw.ca )