Daniel Vincent

My story? Like a lot of you I came to my practice because I was in need of a change, I completely crushed my foot. I put on a lot of weight, and was suffering from chronic back and foot pain.  Nothing seemed to help… chiropractors, physiotherapy, acupuncture, even running was painful. Anything high impact made my foot and back worse.  I was worried I would lose my job… Then I took my first power yoga class.  My first class totally opened my eyes to how unhealthy I had become.  It changed my life.  I went from 260lbs to 187lbs…   Imagine carrying 73 pounds of butter in a backpack, because that’s exactly what I was doing!  I’m in my 30s now, and in better shape then I was playing football in high school. Its funny, I started doing yoga to save my career, and now I teach it as my career! Yoga has opened my eyes and forever changed my life, and it can change yours too!


I love teaching and practicing Baptiste Yoga because this style of yoga inspires and empowers me at every level of my being – mind, body and spirit. As a daily practice, I love reconnecting with myself and with my students and am able to do that through the physicality and intentionality of this practice.  It’s a powerful representation of what we are all capable of – returning to our ‘True North’ when we go astray in our busy lives.  For me, Baptiste Yoga empowers communities and opens the door for a greater and deeper connection to our authentic selves, leaving us with the possibility of living free and more connected to our own humanity. When I connect with my students and I see that transformation for the first time; be it through Meditation, Asana or even a presence to there own Self-Inquiry’s. That moment when a student’s eyes light up, whether it’s their first practice or they are a seasoned Yogi, and the have that expanding moment in their personal practice, this is what fuels me every day. Nothing great was ever achieved without passion.  It is that passion that drives me to be the best possible teacher I can be every day.