I have always been drawn to eastern mysticism and exercise. While in High School I dabbled with yoga and kung Fu. When I left to go to university I engaged in more traditional physical pursuits. I was able to come back to Kung Fu and Tai Chi over 20 some years ago, and in the last 5 years reacquaint myself with the beauty of yoga. In 2009 I registered in the month long intensive training course offered by Yoga passage and I am deeply in debt to the fine instructors there. To me yoga, kung fu and tai chi offer many of the same health benefits but from slightly different perspectives. Tai Chi is a soft style art, uses no force, requires slow even movements, and all movements contain circles. Tai Chi helps rebuild spirit and body, it is closely related to mediation, and tai chi helps bring peace of mind, also calm breathing. Tai Chi reinforces relaxation and being in the present moment Tai Chi helps adjust weigh, clear the mind and strengthens the brain. In short it is my experience that regular practice of tai chi has many related physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. The most difficult journey, but the most important one, is the inner journey Tai Chi is one of a number of wonderful vehicles for this most amazing of all journeys. I hope to see you soon, to travel this path together. Namaste David Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti