My yoga practice began in 1998, where for a while, it was just an awesome work out for me. It gave me strength, flexibility, and often a euphoric zen.

I went through phases where yoga was more prominent in my life and other phases where it was less. No matter how consistent my physical practice was, there has been an intentional focus on my awareness of the connection of my mind, emotions, and true Self. Yoga has taught me this.

I’ve learned to look within, to truly know and love my Self, and to come to a place of calm and quiet. In doing so, I am able to separate my Self from external factors that do not serve me, and I am able to focus on the ones that do. This practice gives me peace, it has physically, mentally, and spiritually healed me, and it always makes me happy!

I am teaching because I want to share with others how powerful yoga can be. Whatever your reason may be to practice, I believe that there is no greater kindness one can give themselves.