As I reflect on the path that has brought me to this exact moment, I must say that it feels as though yoga was there from the start.

An insatiably curious guy, the formal practice of yoga drew me in like a moth to the flame. So much history! So many stories!! Such a beautiful vibration about it!!!

At the ripe age of 22 years, with a cynical mentality and just a touch of the “tough-guy” syndrome, I wandered onto a yoga mat for the first time and gripped and grunted my way through an intense asana practice. It was this moment that catalyzed the softening of my mind, the expression of my heart, and the teachings of universal humor.

As I sit now, silently within the very peace that I once feared I would never find, words simply cannot suffice to explain the process of living yoga. Surrender meets with courage. Passion meets with gentle authority. Stillness meets with breath…and everything becomes the dance. It is a deeply rich way to experience!

To live your yoga is both to accept the gift and to give it to others. Join me, and let us ride the breath, participate in the dance, and empower our world to recognize the ever elusive truth that rests so beautifully for us to find.


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