I found myself in my first yoga class 8 years ago after an injury sustained by overdoing it at the gym. I had been looking for a gentler form of exercise, in the interim, while my shoulder healed.  What I found there was so much more than expected. This was much more than just a physical practice of postures!

The synergistic flow of breath and meditative movement brought a new heartfelt awareness of self and spirit, like never before. Yoga has since become my daily practice of wellness. It helps to keep me grounded, and reminds to stay present to  life both on and off the mat.

I’ve always had an interest in all things health and wellness, and it soon became clear that it was through sharing yoga with others that I  could

find a meaningful way to give back to the community.

In 2013 I received my 200 hour training at the Yoga Studio College of Canada,  in Iyengar style yoga, with a strong focus on alignment, and the use of props to facilitate ease in the practice.

I love the fact that yoga is a lifelong continual path of learning and growth, with no finite end.  I am always excited to learn from new teachers, explore different philosophies and go deeper, adding knowledge with additional trainings and workshops.  I look forward to meeting you on the mat to share  in this journey of yoga.

My classes will challenge your strength, your breath, and your balance, and perhaps guide you to find the stillness at your own center.