The journey of life When I begin to reflect on the journey of my life I realize the rapid passage of time and that I have lived almost half a century! Wow! I am so grateful I have found yoga here in Canada. I grew up in Harbin China, a beautiful small city of 6 million people and my childhood was beyond what Western culture could imagine. I grew up in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution without a television or phone. We had very little. However, I remember being very happy if my mom could cook rice for us, or when Spring Festival came and I could have new clothing, a few candies or a dumpling dinner. It took so little to make me happy and I expressed that happiness through my love of dancing. Dancing brings me to a place of joy and love. When I was 17, my Dad told me “dancing won’t help you get a good job”, so I studied hard and was one of the 2% that made it to University. As I worked through law school, eight of us lived in a small room for four years and that was the happiest time of my life. I finished school and began work as a lawyer. The thought of teaching yoga, or even yoga itself, was not present. Yet after 9 years of practicing law and a failed marriage I wanted to leave China and experience something new, then I began a new adventure: giving up a successful career and moving to Canada. I left behind family and friends , not speaking a word of English and started new life in Calgary. When I landed in Vancouver in 1996, I saw blue sky and breathed clean air. I loved Canada right way, but I wasn’t prepared to face all the challenges. No one would even hire me to wash dishes! I was afraid to even go to the store because I couldn’t speak English! I needed to pay bills so I went to school for eight months to learn English, and then I went to massage school and opened my own business. At the same time yoga” found” me. One day my friend Gary offered me free space. What could I do with that space? The first thing that came to my mind was yoga. I started my first yoga studio and I began to flow with my heart. Yoga allowed me to use my heart to connect with so many beautiful people. In 13 years of practicing and sharing yoga, I feel my life is much richer. Yoga truly helped me to find who I am. I experienced what is “Yoga and Beyond “— one world and one heart. In our life time we can have so many friends, but we will have few friends who can change our life. Gary changed my life and I am so thankful for him. I first took yoga instructor training at Yoga Passage. I travelled all over the world for yoga conferences, yoga retreats, yoga workshops and more teacher training . Besides teaching yoga downtown in my own studio (Ning’s Balance Studio), I taught at Spa Lady and currently teach at the Glencoe Club, Sanguine Yoga and Yoga Passage. I started to host yoga retreats in Banff with great yogis Rob and Henna. Our retreats have been very successful. In 2009, at a San Francisco yoga conference, I met Phil who is CEO of YogaWorks. YogaWorks is the biggest yoga teacher training company in the world. They have trained many top yoga instructors around the world including Shiva Rea. I decided to bring them into Calgary. In 2010, I worked with Sanguine Yoga to bring YogaWorks to Calgary to do our first yoga teacher training and it was an amazing experience In March 2010, a lady who I met in a coffee shop in Bali inspired me to open a bigger yoga studio to allow me to build a yoga community with people like you …. The past 16 years of my journey I have had many struggles and frustrations but I have remained strong and true to my dreams. Life is what it is. Yoga is a gateway for my life and has allowed me to reach out to the world with an open heart. Everyday life opens up windows of opportunities and encourages me to become a better person and brings rich love into my life. Now i want to thank my father for teaching me to be the person I need to be. I wish I could say I love you one more time. I miss you dad! Thank you to my mother whois 80 years old and the most beautiful person I know. Thank you to my son, Jerry. When life got rough you made me stronger and reminded me to believe in myself. And finally, I want to thank you to all my friends. Because your love and support. I feel Canada is my home. Love you all