After traveling through India and Nepal in the late 1990’s and being intrigued by the science of yoga, in 2000 I met Rockne White, the owner of the first Ashtanga studio in Calgary, Yoga in Motion, where the Yoga Passage now is located.  After my first class I was humbled, exhilarated, excited, blissed and had found what I had been searching for.  In 2001, I completed my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and have been teaching ever since, about ten thousand classes at last estimate? My yoga travels have taken me to India, Hawaii many times as well as New York City and Thailand. Yoga has also introduced me to my beautiful yogi wife, Henna Viertio.

I have had the pleasure of taking workshops with Nancy Gilgoff, Darby, Hart Lazer, Fiona Stang, David Swensen, Sharath and Ashtanga Yoga pioneer David Williams who told me that the “real yoga is the stuff you can’t see” and “if it feels good, you’re doing it right”!  Locally other great instructors I have learned from and been inspired by include Tracy Mann, Lerrita Rubinoff, Candace Cooke, Danielle Pechie, Rameen Peyrow, Ryan Leier and Harmony and Jeff Litchy. I am also an artist and I look forward to helping out with the YAP Yoga Art Play Programme as well.

I am passionate about serving my community and offering my students the opportunity to enjoy the healing benefits of this amazing practice.
Follow your bliss.. Om Shanti.