She began her journey into yoga in 2008 when she took her first class in Japan. At the time, she couldn’t actually understand what the teacher was saying, but followed along based on visual and energetic cues. Since then the practice of yoga has been an integral part of Rosabel’s life. It has helped her through her darkest moments and continues to be an anchor physically, mentally, and spiritually. Rosabel took her 200 YTT at Prana Yoga College, at the time which was in Vancouver, and has also completed a Yin/Restorative training with Ning. With a blackbelt in HapKiDo, Rosabel grew up with a martial arts background, she enjoys the dynamism of learning new movements and is constantly looking for new ways to challenge her body and mind. As a certified NESTA personal trainer, Rosabel also instructs MMA bootcamps as well as surfset. She believes in constant learning, and through her practices she is as much a student as she is an teacher. Off the mat Rosabel works for a local tech start-up based out of Calgary, she has a degree in Biotechnology.