I have been seeking joy through movement and breath from a very young age. I had 14 years of dance experience before discovering yoga.

  To my unknown fortune…  I went through a stage where I had no direction, I was addicted to the party life and influenced by drugs and alcohol. In the end I believe that this path brought me to where I am. I am grateful for my past “mistakes”
 Yoga has built up my self esteem by gently guiding me along the path of my own purpose. Which is to be happy, and enjoy life, while inspiring joy in others.
  Although I have been teaching for 2 years, and believe I am meant for this, I am forever a student. Every time I get used to something, oddly enough, change comes!!!
 If you think about how children learn, they learn through play! That is how I “learned” how to be childlike again. I am passionate mostly for the road of self discovery. The journey is continuous, ever changing. The more you learn and understand yourself, the more you can relate and have compassion with other people. If I can create deeper connections with myself,  I will have authentic connections with you. That is what is important to me. Enough about me…I would like to meet YOU!

   Please join me for yoga, barre fitness, and aerial flow/aerial therapy classes. Let us learn from each other, as it was intended to be.