I’ve been practicing yoga for a decade and teaching yoga for five years. I completed a 200-hour teacher training in 2008 and a 500-hour training in 2011, both at Mount Madonna Center, a retreat center and intentional community near Santa Cruz, CA. I was also a resident of Mount Madonna Center for four years, where I had the good fortune to study and practice with Baba Hari Dass, a master yogi from India, as well as a number of his longtime students with decades of experience as practitioners. I also had the privilege to teach asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy in their ongoing public classes, teacher trainings, and yoga retreats. My experience there has also been augmented by my study of Shadow Yoga with Mark Horner in Berkeley, CA and of Sanskrit and Asian philosophy and religion at the University of Calgary.

Through all of this, I’ve come to understand asana–the poses we usually call yoga–to be part of a larger process of self-inquiry that can include practices like pranayama, meditation, and even chanting and ritual. I love a good workout as much as anybody, and I’m endlessly curious about the nitty-gritty biomechanics of the practice. However, I’m also fascinated by asana as a means to explore who we are somatically and psychologically, as well as a means to cultivate a meditative state that points toward something altogether beyond our individual identities. I teach a class that invites students into an awareness of the present moment through awareness of their own bodies, regardless of the experience level of the student or the poses or style being taught. I hope you’ll join me!